How To Become Sexually Uninhibited

If you have difficulty relaxing and enjoying your sexuality, you are not alone.

I work with many women like you who simply have not learned how to experience their sexuality without inhibition.  Unfortunately most of us are conditioned to associate sexuality with sin and shamefulness.  Quite naturally, many women feel inhibited and uncomfortable with certain aspects of their sexuality.  

Where our mind goes, our body follows.  For example, if you’ve been conditioned to believe (even unconsciously) that sex is “bad” or “good girls don’t enjoy sex” then the result will be an inhibited sex life.

If, on the other hand, if you believe that sex is a wonderful gift to enjoy, then you’ll see sex as a beautiful expression of unconditional love, intimate bonding and exquisite pleasure.  When we accept ourselves as sexual beings and give ourselves permission to ENJOY our sexuality we become sexually liberated.  Once you let go of self-condemnation and stop worrying about what other’s think, you’ll begin to feel confident, relaxed and sexually alive.

Body image is another concern many women face when it comes to enjoying their sexuality.  Many women feel self-conscious about their bodies which prevent them from relaxing and feeling comfortable with their sexuality.  To learn more about how to deal with body image issues read “How Does My Body Image Effect Sexual Desire?”.

If you’d like personal assistance with experiencing uninhibited, joyful sexuality while increasing sexual self-confidence, contact me for personal coaching.  I will assist you in identifying and overcoming the barriers that are preventing you from experiencing your true inner goddess!

STEP ONE.  Define Sexuality On Your Own Terms: Write A Sexual Declaration!
Most of us inherit a very limited view of sex. Our sexual education basically teaches us that a penis goes into a vagina which produces a male orgasm.  Rarely do we learn about the larger, emotional and spiritual context for sex.  Seldom do we learn about the intricacies of female orgasm.  Sex can be as expansive as you wish.  Instead of limiting sex to the act of intercourse, consider sex as a Sensual Energy eXchange or even a Spiritual Energy eXchange.

You are in charge of your sexuality, not your mother, priest, or partner.  Likewise you are responsible for your sexuality, for how you define it and experience it.  It’s up to you to examine beliefs you were conditioned to accept that have prevented you from experiencing sexuality the way you wish.  The good news is that you can determine your sexual beliefs for yourself and writing a SEXUAL DECLARATION is a great way to begin.  

A SEXUAL DECLARATION is a statement written by you for you about how you wish to define and experience your sexuality.  Start by making a list of all the things you’d like to include in a really great sexual experience spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Now expand on this and write how you want to experience your sexuality in a greater context than intercourse alone.

Here’s an example:

“I consider sex as a God-given gift to nurture myself, my partner and our relationship.  I want to feel pure bliss and unconditional love for myself and my partner during sex.  I want to experience my sexuality in many positive ways...sometimes I want sex to be totally hot, playful, fun, adventurous and sassy.  Other times, I want to feel reassurance, love, belonging, acceptance, bonding, connection with divinity through sex.  I want sex to be pleasurable without self-imposed or external limits. I share my amazing sexuality only with my emotionally committed partner who I trust & who loves me as I am.”

STEP TWO.  Define Yourself As Sexy.
Most of us grew up with the notion that to be sexy a woman needs to be young, slim and beautiful enough to grace the cover of a magazine.  News-flash, less than .05% of the female population is young, slim and cover-girl worthy.  But no need to dismay, being sexy is actually a state of mind.

The most attractive female quality is confidence, especially sexual confidence.  A woman who loves her body and enjoys her sexuality is totally sexy.  In fact, 100% of men surveyed agreed that what they want most in a sexual relationship is for the woman to be “totally into it”, enjoying herself, uninhibited.  Durning an intimate encounter, a man is not concerned with cellulite.  Rather, he’s wanting for you to be relaxed, fully enjoying the experience.  He wants to feel that he turns you on & that there’s no place else you’d rather be, than with him, making love in that moment.  The physical attraction he feels toward a beautiful woman, is transmuted during sex, all men see during sex is you there for him and you are perfect.  He is not comparing you to anyone else.  

What makes a woman sexy in a man’s eyes is a woman who likes who she is, cares about herself and is comfortable with her sexuality.  Confidence means faith in oneself.  Confidence is the single most attractive quality that men find in womenWhat makes a woman sexy?  A warm smile, a relaxed nature, a happy disposition, a great laugh, and a healthy libido!  It’s not about the dress size or even the cup size!  Every woman can be incredibly sexy if she wishes to be.

To learn how to relax and enjoy sex more check out The Return of Desire, Love Your Sex Life, and Seven Days to Sex Appeal.  If mothering has taken its toll on your libido check out Great Sex for Moms and Sexy MaMa to learn how to keep your sex life alive while raising kids.

If you’d just like to learn how to be more sexually confident and increase your sex appeal, check out The Hot Woman’s Handbook, The Sexually Confident Wife and Seven Days to Sex Appeal.

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